Disciplined Investing with Personal Financial Advice

The Cohen Investment Advisors client experience is distinct from that of other financial advisors. Our personalized and thorough approach raises the effectiveness of our investment strategies by aligning the firm’s high level thinking with clients’ unique needs and aspirations. This gives our clients exceptional value.

Over 20 years with a proven track record of reliable money management speaks to the firm’s effectiveness at serving investors with strategic and long term goals. Focusing on the next twenty years and beyond, Daniel Cohen endeavors to help families and individuals prepare financially for a better future.

Acute and attuned listening skills are combined with a deep understanding of the markets to provide Cohen Investment Advisors’ clients with goal-centered results and financial peace of mind.

Daniel Cohen of Cohen Investments

Daniel Cohen, CFP®
CEO, Chief Investment Officer


Areas of specialization include:

  • Comprehensive Family and Individual Financial Planning
  • Savings, Growth, Income and Retirement Plans
  • Goal-oriented Investments