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Let’s Teach Our Kids About Money

When I was a late teen, my family went through some difficult financial times. I was beginning my sophomore year at Boston University unsure how tuition would be paid. My father’s business took a rapid downturn with the New England economy in the late 1980s, and his plan to cover my higher education expense was no longer an option. I…read more →

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Identity fraud is a growing problem and affected more people in the last year than at any time since data started being collected.  The data breach at Equifax last year is the highest profile case since it affected more than 145 million Americans. Many other major companies have had large-scale data breaches including Anthem Blue Cross, J.P. Morgan, Home Depot,…read more →

Saving for College? The Virginia 529 Plan gets Morningstar’s Gold Rating.

Cohen Investment Advisors believes strongly in the value of a higher education and we help our clients plan for the future cost of funding education for their children. 529 plans provide a tax-advantaged way for parents and grandparents to save funds for college expenses. These plans are offered in every state and the decision can be confusing since there are…read more →

Cash is NOT King

By Daniel Cohen, CFP® Since the presidential election, interest rates have been rising but rates paid on savings at banks are still near historic low levels, barely more than zero percent.  Big losses have been suffered on holdings of intermediate and long-term bonds as that is where the rates have risen the most.  Losses on ten-year treasury bonds are approaching…read more →