Artificial Intelligence and Real Profits

  While walking my dog Max this morning, I thought of the idea for this article and decided to ask ChatGPT some questions.  Immediately, I got back useful information to write the article after our walk. Before writing this article, I had access to the free version of ChatGPT but due to the content limitation,… Read More »

How Often Should You Rebalance Your 401(k)?

Introduction to Rebalancing your 401(k) A 401(k) plan is a powerful tool for saving for retirement, allowing employees to contribute a portion of their income to a tax-advantaged investment account. As such it represents an important part of your overall financial and investment planning. As markets fluctuate, so does the composition of your 401(k) investments.… Read More »

Venture Capital Investing from the Comfort of Dividend Paying Stocks

Among the best ways to build wealth is to own a business. Great fortunes have been built seemingly overnight and there are lots of young millionaire- and billionaire-owners of these businesses.  However, for every success story there are countless failures that never get noticed. Developing a new product or starting a business can cost a… Read More »

Surviving a Bear Market

Throughout my money management career spanning nearly thirty years, I have experienced bear markets, on average every five years.  A bear market is defined as a correction of 20% or more. My experience managing money for my family and clients all this time closely matches the historical record of a bear market occurring every five… Read More »

Daniel Cohen Named to the Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors List

Top-rated financial advisor recognized by Forbes in New Hampshire

We are excited to announce that Daniel Cohen, founder of Cohen Investment Advisors, has been named to the Forbes/SHOOK Best-In-State Wealth Advisors list for 2023. This is a tremendous honor and a testament to Daniel’s dedication to providing exceptional financial planning and wealth management services to clients in New Hampshire and far beyond. The Forbes/SHOOK… Read More »

Why Business Owners and Executives Hire Certified Financial Planners

By Daniel Cohen You can change your life by hiring an experienced financial planner. One with the right kind of experience can immediately help fix common mistakes and improve your portfolio performance. Great long-term rewards can come as you enjoy the positive life changes than can result from well managed finances. Successful business owners and… Read More »

Investing is about Building, Not Speculating

By Daniel Cohen Investing is not easy. It takes discipline and a lot of patience. Most people work hard for their money, and it usually takes many years of saving to accumulate enough to feel financially secure. Those savings not only need to earn enough to generate cash flow to fund your lifestyle but also… Read More »