Financial Planning for Retirement in Bedford, NH

Cohen Investment Advisors offers financial planning for retirement in the Bedford, NH area and far beyond to help people achieve their goals and live comfortably when they’re no longer working. It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. If you feel you haven’t done enough at your age to set yourself up comfortably, we’re here to help get you on the right path. The first step in getting started is scheduling a consultation with Cohen Investment Advisors to discuss your goals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

What Is Retirement Planning?

Retirement planning is the process of preparing for financial independence when you’re ready to leave the workforce. We understand retirement is not just about age but about reaching a period in life where you have the freedom to live on your terms, supported by financial security. Whether you want to travel, live debt-free, or invest in a second home, many opportunities are available in your retirement years by putting the right plans in place.

Retirement Financial Planning Services in Bedford, NH

The Importance of Retirement Planning

Proactive retirement planning is crucial in ensuring your post-working years are spent in comfort, not financial stress. Starting plans early maximizes the potential of compounding returns, creating a substantial nest egg for the future. However, it’s more than just putting money away weekly or monthly or picking one investment strategy. Discussing what your life will look like in retirement, where you want to live, and what you’d like to do will create a framework for how much you’ll need in savings to accomplish those goals while considering inflation and rising living costs.

Personalized Retirement Planning Services

Preparing for retirement is a lifelong journey through adulthood. While many aren’t thinking about it very often in their 20s, it won’t be long before the 40s arrive, and the reality of retirement can be seen on the horizon. Every stage of adulthood provides an opportunity to build financial stability for retirement.

  • Young Adulthood, Ages 31-35 – Individuals in this group may not have much extra money to invest for retirement due to school loans, lower salaries, and other financial obligations. Still, building assets and saving what’s possible in these years enables those to invest in higher-risk return options with time on their side.
  • Early Midlife, Ages 36-50 – This window allows for aggressive investments with savings. However, the reality of mortgages, credit card debt, and child expenses can still hamper how much individuals can contribute, but it’s essential to stay on track during these years.
  • Later Midlife, Ages 51-65 – As retirement age approaches, the savings and planning window gets smaller, but many in this age range have other debts paid off and can increase their savings amount. The important factor in these years is to ensure your investments aren’t as aggressive as they were during young and early midlife adulthood.
  • Factors to Consider in Retirement Planning

    Various elements contribute to a robust retirement plan:

  • Current Savings and Investments – Have you started saving? Do you have money to invest? We’ll also look at assets and liabilities to fully understand your estate.
  • Estimated Retirement Age – How early do you want to retire? Are you in a career where you see yourself working over 65?
  • Desired Retirement Lifestyle – Living comfortably means different things to different people. Others have goals of traveling. Outlining what you want to be able to do with realistic goals provides a clear target.
  • Inflation and Health Care Costs – These are two things that are always on the rise. What might sound like enough to live off now won’t stretch as far in 20 or 30 years.
  • Sources of Retirement Income – It’s not uncommon to have various sources to pull from for retirement. Ensuring they’re maximizing each other is essential.
  • Retirement Plans and Investment Ideas

    As retirement planning advisors, Cohen Investment Advisors are equipped to help you sift through various types of retirement plans and investment options to find one best suited for your finances and income. Common options include:

  • 401k retirement plans
  • IRAs
  • Roth IRAs
  • Retirement plans for self-employed individuals.
  • Why Choose Cohen Investment Advisors?

    We pride ourselves on the personal connections we make with our clients when discussing their retirement investment plans. Getting to know you personally ensures we can provide the best retirement planning services that are as unique as you. Our dedication to friendly service and practical advice ensures clients find trusted advisors and life-long relationships once they come to us for financial planning.

    Schedule a Consultation for Retirement Financial Planning

    Retirement income planning in the Bedford, NH area with Cohen Investment Advisors ensures you have a reliable and knowledgeable partner with your best interests in mind when making plans for retirement. Contact us today to schedule a consultation today.