Introducing Pamela Smith

April 21, 2014

People make 100% of the difference in how well services are delivered and we’re extremely fortunate to have Pamela Smith join the firm as Executive Assistant in October of 2013. Those of you who have already worked with Pam know how much of a pleasure she can be in addition to her effectiveness in handling client needs. Not only that, she keeps the rest of us on our toes as she skillfully handles business and office administration.

Pam comes to us with strong professional skills honed from many years of diverse work experience.  As a young adult she started volunteering in a Ministry which led to her first office job. Over the last 20 years, Pam climbed the corporate ladder working her way from Receptionist to Executive Assistant in the contracting and property management fields prior to coming aboard.

“I love gardening, boating, cooking, football (watching lol) and scary movies. I have a 30 year old son and a wonderful husband.  We have been together 15 years & celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary in July 2013,” offers Pam when asked to share a little background information. “AND, I finally have the job I want to retire with!!!” is Pam’s authentic exclamation when describing her job at Cohen Investment Advisors. With any luck, that retirement will be a long time from now.