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Setting Expectations Based on Financial Objectives

By Daniel Cohen On a recent visit to Florida to meet with clients, one client asked why her account wasn’t performing as well as the market.  Later I met with another client who introduced me to a friend who bragged about how well his portfolio did in the past year.  When most people talk about “the market,” they are referring…read more →

Which stock is more suitable?  Google or General Electric?

Which stock is more suitable? Google or General Electric?

By Daniel Cohen Investing in the stock market is never easy in the short run. The volatile movements can make the most seasoned investor second guess his or her decisions.  Investors are always better served by having a clear objective accompanied by a strategic investment plan. Some people invest for growth, some invest for income, and others for a combination…read more →

Fall Soccer Season a Big Success

Youth soccer was a big success this fall. The kids learn about teamwork and get a fun workout.  Cohen Investment Advisors is proud to be a sponsor of youth athletics. Pictured in this post are 3 outstanding teams with their coaches.   Thank you HK Photography for the great team pictures!

Avoid These 7 Retirement Planning Mistakes

By Daniel Cohen There are many variables to consider when planning your retirement.  It is best to start planning for retirement years if not decades ahead of time.  Considering that life expectancy today exceeds 79 years, it is important to plan things right because mistakes, especially early on, can have a material effect on your quality of life for many…read more →

Tax Free Income from Your NH City or Town

By Daniel Cohen, CFP® Interest rates are at record lows and the stock market is at record highs. There is much confusion among the investing public about where they should put their money. Because of this confusion, there are record amounts of money being held in bank accounts earning little or no income. Individual municipal bonds offer a more attractive investment…read more →

Supporting Boys & Girls Club of Manchester

Cohen Investment Advisors is a strong supporter of the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester. As sponsor of the Million Dollar Hole-in-One challenge in the John Zahr Memorial Golf Classic July 14th, we had fun supporting the kids and watching people dream of winning the $million as they teed off. The money raised helps less fortunate children have a safe…read more →

Introducing J.P. Weldon

Cohen Investment Advisors believes in investing in students by providing internship opportunities.  This summer, J.P. Weldon, a student from Boston University’s School of Management joined our staff.  J.P. is majoring in business administration with a concentration in finance. During his internship, J.P. has been researching investments using the Bloomberg Terminal, assisting with financial planning applications, helping organize a new client…read more →

Business Owners’ Unique Investment Considerations

By Daniel Cohen, CFP® This article was originally published in New Hampshire Business Review July 10, 2014. To succeed in business it is often suggested that people should find a niche in their market and specialize in serving those in that niche. In the financial advisory field, there are some who specialize in financial planning for doctors, lawyers, women, parents, seniors,…read more →

Supporting Our Community’s Youth…

Cohen Investment Advisors is proud to support youth athletics.  Seen in this photo are the outstanding players of the four and five year old Cohen T-ball Team including future money manager Flynn Cohen.